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About Set Up Firm Services

Set Up Firm is established to drive transformative change in mainland Dubai. It is a premier business and management consulting firm in the UAE.

“Aiding organizations in reaching their business objectives has consistently played a key role in formulating tailored and effective strategies for each industry.” We have consistently held the belief in maximizing business efficiency for enhanced profitability.

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Note from Nikhil Skariah

A career-driven and dynamic young entrepreneur with an ambitious vision. After completing his post-graduation in business management & LLB. With years of diverse experience, he provides a result-oriented foundation for DANBURITE CORPORATE

At Set Up Firm, we are dedicated to offering a comprehensive array of executable strategies and solutions for both business start-ups and management, not only in Dubai but worldwide. Set Up Firm aims to provide all essential services related to establishing and operating successful business hubs in Dubai. As specialists in company formation, legal services, and a one-stop destination for resolving complexities, Set Up Firm caters to multinational business ventures and conglomerates looking to establish their presence in the UAE.

Our strength lies in eliminating stress by handling all procedures and legal formalities involved in establishing and maintaining a robust commercial entity in the UAE. Transforming a groundbreaking idea into a flourishing startup may involve challenging hurdles, such as navigating through the necessary paperwork for the startup's materialization. This is where our team of dynamic company formation specialists and legal service providers steps in, working alongside you to provide essential assistance regarding regional laws and regulations, ensuring the smooth inception of your company in Dubai.